Residents' Compensation Agreement

Federal and state authorities and Braskem signed agreements under the Residents' Public-Interest Civil Action, ending the lawsuit in December 2020. As agreed, Braskem will take additional measures to ensure residents' safety and financial compensation in the neighborhoods impacted by the geological phenomenon in Maceió.

The agreement stands as a second amendment to the instrument signed in January with the Federal Prosecution Office (MPF), the Public Prosecution Office of the State of Alagoas (MPE), the Federal Public Defender's Office (DPU), and the Public Defender's Office of the State of Alagoas (DPE). Such amendment outlines the vacant areas within the impacted ones, including about 1,200 properties in the Financial Compensation and Relocation Support Program.

Execution of Agreements and Progress

The execution of the amendment represents an important advance concerning the geological phenomenon in Maceió and its impacts. As of August 31, 2023, more than 14,400 properties have been vacated, and more than 19,000 compensation proposals have been submitted to residents, entrepreneurs, and local traders. More than 17,600 compensations have already been paid. The overall acceptance rate of proposals is 99.3%. The amount paid by Braskem in compensations and financial aid sums up to about BRL 3.8 bn. About 1,200 professionals remain assigned to ensure that all families are cared for within the schedule set forth by the authorities.

With the new efforts defined in the Residents' Compensation Agreement, Braskem underlines its commitment to people's safety and Alagoas's socioeconomic development.