Financial Compensation and Relocation Support Program

The Financial Compensation and Relocation Support Program consists of two distinct flows — relocation and payment of compensation — and provides direct communication channels to facilitate service. Residents are assisted by specialized teams composed of social workers who identify properties and research the needs of each household through two long-term face-to-face visits. The social workers also support residents in preparing the initial documentation for participation in the Program, scheduling the move on a convenient date for the family, and signing the Term of Commitment.

After signing the Term of Commitment, an instrument that guarantees that Braskem will pay the aid for the safe relocation and whereby residents undertake to vacate the property, the financial aid of BRL 5,000 is paid to cover extra rental costs. The teams also help residents search for a property that meets their needs, and the move is arranged and paid for by Braskem.

In addition, immediately after signing the Term of Departure, the Program makes available a rental allowance amounting to BRL 1,000 per month. This allowance is paid for at least six months and up to two months after the proposal is approved between Braskem and the relevant resident. Such allowance can be paid in up to 24 installments to the family. Financial aid is offered to all residents who join the Program, and families do not need to account for the use of these funds to Braskem. If necessary, the resident can also request an additional amount of BRL 6,000 to cover expenses arising from the new rent. Once the need is proven, the amount is not deducted from the financial compensation paid at the end of the process. Once relocated, the family awaits entry into the compensation flow according to the schedule defined by the public authorities and widely disclosed to society.

Individual microentrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who develop informal economic activities, in turn, are entitled to an advance of compensation of BRL 10,000 to cover additional expenses with the relocation upon proof of need. Micro, small, medium, and large entrepreneurs are also entitled to financial advance at sums previously set according to the business size or based on a budget that proves expenses. Once the need for the fund is proven, the amount advanced by Braskem is not deducted from the financial compensation.

Since February 2021, local traders and entrepreneurs have also relied on a team of social technicians earmarked for this group. The effort meets a demand from the community and aims to relocate different types of businesses with greater agility, serving companies of all sizes. The exclusive service answers questions, supports documentation preparation, and seeks to speed up financial disbursement for local traders.

When entering the compensation flow, facilitators start supporting residents, local traders or entrepreneurs, whom a lawyer or public defender must accompany. Facilitators help residents identify property features and existing improvements. They also provide advice on the documents required to calculate the compensation and solve any residents' difficulties in gathering the necessary documentation. If the family faces challenges relative to the requested documentation, the facilitator also helps solve them. If the resident or local trader accepts the proposal offered, the agreement between the parties proceeds to judicial homologation and the compensation is deposited in a bank account.