Agreement for Vacant and Monitoring Areas


An agreement was executed in January 2020 between the Federal Prosecution Office (MPF), Public Prosecution Office of the State of Alagoas (MPE), Federal Public Defender's Office (DPU), and Public Defender's Office of the State of Alagoas (DPE). This agreement gave rise to Zones A to D, resulting in the vacancy of about 4,500 properties, and the relocation of 17,000 residents.

In July of the same year, a first amendment to the agreement introduced Zone E, adding the vacancy of an additional 2,580 properties to the program. In October, after an update of the Civil Defense Map, another 2,000 properties were included, forming Zones F and G.

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In December 2020, a second amendment to the agreement set forth the vacancy of 1,200 properties and created Zone H, while also dealing with the relocation of all properties in Monitoring Area 01.

In October 2022, an agreement was approved for the Flexais region , addressing socioeconomic measures, compensations, and funds for additional efforts.

In July 2023, a Term of Agreement was signed with the city of Maceió in the amount of BRL 1.7 bn in compensation for the damages of subsidence and relocation, winding up the set of agreements and measures relating to the problem.

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