In all its operations in Brazil and abroad, Braskem  utmost commitment is the same: the safety of people. The company currently is the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas, besides being the main manufacturer of polypropylene in the United States, counting up to 8,000 members in 40 industrial units.

Alagoas is no exception. Here, Braskem creates more than 750 direct and 3,300 indirect jobs with two operational fronts (in the cities of Maceió and Marechal Deodoro), leading the region's chemical and plastic industry chain.

Since 2018 , when cracks appeared in houses and streets in some districts of Maceió shortly after detecting a seismic tremor, Braskem has been cooperating with the government to solve the geological phenomenon's effects. It was based on assessments conducted jointly with the largest domestic and overseas authorities on the subject that the company decided, in November 2019, to propose the preventive removal of residents within the so-called protected area, around the 35 rock salt extraction wells that were operated within the neighborhoods that had already been closed since May of that year.

to this protected area , encompassing about 550 properties, a broader vacant area was added based on the Civil Defense's Map of Priority Action Lines and its updates, covering parts of the neighborhoods of Mutange, Pinheiro, Bebedouro, Bom Parto, and Farol.

Image: Map of Priority Action Lines (version 4), defined by the Civil Defense of Maceió.

All residents, owners, and local traders of about 14,500 properties are being served by Braskem's Financial Compensation and Relocation Support Program , to further people's safety and ensure they will be fairly compensated in the shortest possible time.

The Program is part of a Term of Agreement between Braskem and public authorities*, which stringently monitor its compliance. In addition to moving and temporary rent paid by Braskem, families and local traders have support to arrange documentation, find a new place to live or set up their business, and even take care of pets.

Psychological support is also available to all those assisted by the Program and can be requested at any time, even after compensation is paid.

Check out the Program's detailed figures and development. Click here .

In December 2020, with the progress of relocation, Braskem and public authorities** signed another Term of Agreement , this time concerned with the future of the vacant areas. With three fronts – socio-urbanistic, environmental, and monitoring and stabilization – the document sets out that society be engaged in planning integrated remediation, mitigation, and compensation efforts, as well as in diagnostics and public hearings started in mid-2021.

The integrated actions will address issues such as urban mobility, which has changed in response to its vacant status, and the recording of the historical heritage of the impacted neighborhoods, where there are buildings of architectural and cultural value. They will also include measures aimed at environmental impacts that are spotted through technical assessments.

The community living areas are considered in the diagnostics, as well as the stabilization of the region's ground, starting with the Mutange slope, transformed into an area with permanent vegetation cover.

*Federal Prosecution Office, Prosecution Office of the State of Alagoas, Federal Public Defender's Office, and Public Defender's Office of Alagoas.

**Federal Prosecution Office, with the participation of the Prosecution Office of the State of Alagoas.