Created to take care of the animals of the families of the neighborhoods affected by the geological phenomenon that are part of the Financial Compensation and Relocation Support Program, Braskem developed the Animal Support Program in concert with the Research and Extension Group on Equidae and Integrative Health of the Federal University of Alagoas (GRUPEQUI-UFAL). The effort was conceived with a view to meeting the demands of the community itself and takes into consideration observations made by animal support entities.

The Program includes temporary accommodation (during the move or while residents are in provisional properties), neutering, veterinary treatment, vaccination, and transportation care on the day of the move, and return to the place of temporary accommodation. Awareness campaigns on responsible custody are also carried out.



Focinho Responsável

The Program also has an online adoption channel called Focinho Responsável. Created in June 2021, it completed two years with more than 770 safely adopted dogs and cats. The registration form and photos of the animals available for adoption can be found on the @focinhoresponsavel Instagram profile.

The animals are vaccinated, neutered, and dewormed, and the transport to the new owner's house is performed free of charge by the Program.

Access the profile @focinhoresponsavel

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