Neighborhood Maintenance and Care

Consistent with its historical commitment to Alagoas and the surrounding communities, Braskem develops initiatives for the safety, maintenance, and care of vacant and monitoring areas. Learn about the efforts underway:


Teams hired by Braskem clean and control pests in the four neighborhoods for maintenance in the vacant and monitoring areas. The work involves removing debris from vacated properties, sweeping streets and sidewalks, weeding, unclogging street drains and catch basins, pruning trees, and painting curbs. The collected waste is sent to the Maceió Waste Treatment Center.


In March 2020, Braskem began controlling and monitoring urban pests in properties to prevent the proliferation of diseases, ensuring proper sanitary conditions in vacated neighborhoods. The initiative also helps in the fight against dengue fever, Zika fever, and chikungunya with the application of thermonebulization (fumigation) to exterminate flies and mosquitoes.

In addition to properties, streets, squares, and land are fumigated and sprayed to control scorpions, cockroaches, ants, rats, and insects in general. The fight against pests is a permanent effort of Braskem. In properties already plugged, strengthening is performed every three months with extra applications of insecticides, which can happen more often if necessary. The teams work with protective equipment, taking the measures recommended by the health authorities to prevent the coronavirus.


Braskem has installed the Security and Monitoring Center to support ongoing safety efforts in the neighborhoods. A system with more than 300 high-resolution cameras and motion sensor alarms was installed on the streets and in larger buildings. The monitoring also relies on the aid of drones that fly over vacated areas.

In the Center, a panel with four monitors allows real-time follow-up with up to 64 images generated simultaneously. Monitoring is shared with the Military Police, triggered via radio in case of illegalities, such as theft, burglary, or robbery.

The Monitoring Center operates 24/7 and processes information from all cameras and alarms.


Braskem installed walls and barriers in Pinheiro, Mutange, Bom Parto, and Bebedouro to avoid unusual movements and protect vacated areas, ensuring greater safety for people moving around the neighborhoods and surrounding communities. This effort started in August 2020 with the demarcation of the areas that should receive protection, and all the planned walls have already been installed. In September 2021, historic properties and the Special Preservation Area (ZEP) in the neighborhood of Bebedouro – a region defined by the Master Plan of the Municipality of Maceió – are encircled by barriers to prevent burglary and depredations. The measure aims to ensure safety; since they are historical, they cannot close doors and windows with bricks and cement, as with other properties in the vacant and monitoring areas defined by the Civil Defense.


Neighborhoods can also count on the support of community agents, workers hired under the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) regime and trained to know the necessary escape routes. Community leaders suggested hiring these people from the community.

These agents watch over the region and inform the Safety and Monitoring Center of any irregularities found, such as cases of destruction of pluggings, accumulated garbage and incidence of pests. Community support is not allowed to adopt any containment measures. If necessary, the Security Center calls the police, who take the appropriate measures.

Community workers use radios, telephones, and full uniforms for security and identification purposes. This action was prepared by Braskem's Corporate Security division together with the residents of the monitored neighborhoods.