Press note regarding the CPRM report

Maceió, May 8, 2019 - Braskem publicly expresses its solidarity with all the families affected by the events in the district of Pinheiro, in the city of Maceió. The company reaffirms it shall proceed with the emergency actions it is already taking in the district, including the inspection of the underground drainage systems, the installation of a meteorological station and high-precision GPS equipment to detect ground movement, among other measures, in order to prevent the problems in the district from worsening due to the rainy season and aiming to protect people's safety.  


The company was made aware of the report published this morning (5/8) by the  Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM) at the same time as the people of the state of Alagoas, and it shall analyze the results submitted in comparison with the data collected by independent geologists and experts. Since the beginning of the worsening of the cracks and fissures in the district in March 2018, Braskem has been collaborating with the authorities to identify the causes and publishing, with transparency and responsibility, the studies conducted by internationally renowned companies.


Braskem is committed to the safety of people, both its employees and the communities in which it operates, and shall analyze, with the authorities, the best way forward in relation to its local operations. The company has had ties to the State of Alagoas for over four decades and maintains its non-negotiable commitment to its population.



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