Braskem attends special session in legislative assembly

Maceió, February 22, 2019 - Braskem attended a public session about the district of Pinheiro held in the Legislative Assembly of the State of Alagoas. Álvaro de Almeida, Vinyl  officer at the company, explained to state representatives, representatives of the community and the society in general how the mining activity works, addressing geology and the mining development process. He emphasized that the studies conducted so far show there is no direct connection between the activities of the company and the occurrences in the district.

The public session had also the presence of representatives of the Judiciary Branch, Federal and State Public Prosecutor's Offices, National Mining Agency, Geological Survey of Brazil, municipal and state Civil Defense, among others.

Álvaro de Almeida refuted the fake news - circulating in social networks - about the extraction of rock salt that are causing panic among the population. "There are photo montages that put a truck and people within the well. This is impossible. No one could go 1200 meters down through a 10 cm piping", he explained.

The industrial officer of Braskem also pointed out that there are no wells operating in the district of Pinheiro. "When the population of  Pinheiro sees a probe there, this is because we are performing the sonar study, as  recommended by the National Mining Agency, to verify the integrity of the deactivated wells", he emphasized.

Álvaro de Almeida also explained that all the mining activities of Braskem are supervised by the National Mining Agency (ANM) and by the Institute of the Environment (IMA).



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