The growth and internationalization strategy, based on sustainability and innovation, has made Braskem the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and the largest producer of polypropylene in the United States, in addition to being the world leader in biopolymers.

Com escritórios e plantas nas Américas, na Europa e na Ásia, a Braskem atende clientes em mais de 70 países.

Braskem around the world

10 countries

40 industrial units



The two Braskem industrial units in the state are in Maceió and Marechal Deodoro.


Braskem industrial units concentrated within the Camaçari Industrial Pole.
An administrative office, located in Salvador, supports company activities.

Rio de Janeiro

A basic petrochemical and another thermoplastic resin production unit are located in Duque de Caxias.
In addition to this, an administrative office supports company activities in the region.

Rio Grande do Sul

Industrial units, like the Technology & Innovation Center, are situated at the Triunfo Petrochemical Pole. The first Green Ethylene Plant in the world (which comprises part of the green polyethylene production cycle) is situated at the site. While there is an administrative office in Porto Alegre that supports Braskem activity in the region.

São Paulo

Braskem’s head offices are located in the state capital. While our industrial plants are located in the region of the ABC, Cubatão and Paulínia. In Campinas, our plant is situated at an Innovation & Technology Center, where Braskem has LNBio [Laboratório Nacional de Biociências (National Bioscience Laboratory)] as a partner. Our focus is to advance in company research relating to biotechnology.


The office situated in the city of Lima is responsible for the marketing of PE and PP.


The Braskem offices in Singapore are responsible for attending to Customers from Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. The unit markets basic chemicals and petrochemicals.


Braskem’s head offices in Europe are located in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, and these are responsible for marketing PP and PE, in addition to basic chemicals and petrochemicals. European market customers, in addition to Asian and African ones, are served by the Braskem team in Rotterdam.

United States

With administrative offices in Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, Braskem America has five industrial units that produce polypropylene (PP) namely: three in Texas (La Porte, Oyster Creek and Seadrift) one in Pennsylvania (Marcus Hook) and another in West Virginia (Neal). In addition to this, a modern Innovation & Technology Center, situated in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), increases the Braskem partnership with Customers from the region, supporting the development of innovative solutions, in addition to perfecting pre-existing products and processes.


First Braskem office inaugurated outside of Brazil, the Buenos Aires unit is responsible for serving the Argentine, Paraguayan, Uruguayan and Bolivian market. It is focused on the relationship with polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) customers.


The office is responsible for serving the Chilean market for the sale of PP and PE.


In addition to the administrative offices in Mexico City, Braskem operates the Petrochemical Complex of Mexico, by way of a Braskem Idesa joint venture, situated in Nanchital, in the State of Veracruz. There are four industrial plants that are a cracker for base gases and three polyethylene plants.


The office situated in the city of Bogota is responsible for the marketing of PE and PP.


Offices in Frankfurt. It operates two plants for the production of polypropylene, located in Wesseling and Schkopau.