Financial Compensation Program Surpasses 18,700 Proposals Accepted by March

Maceió-AL, April 9, 2024 - The Financial Compensation and Relocation Support Program (PCF) reached the end of March with 19,129 proposals presented to the residents of the evacuation and monitoring areas. This number corresponds to 99.8% of all the anticipated proposals. Out of the total proposals submitted, 18,762 have been accepted. The difference between the number of proposals submitted and accepted is due to the time families have to evaluate or request a reevaluation of the amounts.

Also, by March, 18,256 compensations have been paid, or 95.3% of the total expected. The total financial assistance exceeds BRL 3.97 billion.

The PCF team has accelerated the reevaluation requests processing and works to assist residents who have not been able to present all the required documentation. The objective of the PCF is to ensure that the residents served by the Program are compensated in the shortest possible time.

The risk area (criticality 00) on the 2020 Civil Defense map is 100% evacuated.

All data related to the Financial Compensation and Relocation Support Program is included in the monitoring report, which is presented monthly to the authorities* and is available here .

Care for the Neighborhoods

Pinheiro, Bebedouro, Mutange, Bom Parto, and surrounding areas continue to receive maintenance services, including cleaning, pest control, and pest management. To support the safety of people moving through the neighborhoods, the Monitoring Center operates property surveillance in collaboration with public security and calls the Military Police when necessary. Security team patrols are conducted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Commitment to Maceió

The implementation of measures for preventive relocation, compensation, and maintenance of the affected areas are part of a set of actions and programs to repair, mitigate, and compensate for the effects of soil subsidence in Maceió. These measures are included in the agreements between Braskem and the authorities.

To facilitate understanding and monitoring of these and other actions and programs developed since 2019, the company has compiled on a platform the 10 commitments to Maceió, focusing on social, urban, and environmental fronts. The actions for relocation, payment of compensations to families and local businesses as quickly as possible, and care for the neighborhoods are part of Braskem's commitments number 1, 2, and 4 to Maceió, respectively. Details of the actions are available at: .

Vacated Areas

Braskem also commits not to build in the vacated areas, whether for commercial or residential purposes (factories, businesses, residences, condominiums, and others), as long as the effects of subsidence persist. Any change regarding this determination by the authorities will have to be approved in the Municipal Master Plan, which is a tool widely discussed by society.


Total properties identified - 14,546

Proposals submitted - 19,129

In reevaluation, adjustments, or clarifications - 207

Waiting for resident's response - 42

Proposals accepted - 18,762

Compensations paid - 18,256

Proposals declined - 118

*Federal Prosecution Office (MPF), Public Prosecution Office of the State of Alagoas (MPE), Federal Public Defender's Office (DPU), and Public Defender's Office of the State of Alagoas (DPE).



Eduardo Ramos