Construction work on the connection road between Menino Marcelo and Durval de Góes begins

The four-lane expressway is planned to be 2.3 kilometers long

Maceió, May 28, 2024 -The construction work for the New Connection Road between Avenida Menino Marcelo and Avenida Durval de Góes Monteiro has begun. This four-lane expressway will span 2.3 kilometers, featuring two lanes of traffic in each direction, a median strip, a roundabout, and two bridges, as well as accessible bikeways and sidewalks.

Positioned to become one of the city's primary corridors, this road project extends from the intersection of Galba Novaes de Castro on Durval de Góes to the intersection of Rua Audálio Lopes da Silva on Menino Marcelo. Scheduled for completion in the first half of 2026, the road is part of other ten initiatives aimed at enhancing urban mobility in Maceió, as outlined in the Socio-Environmental Agreement signed in December 2020 by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and Braskem, with participation of the State Public Ministry (MPE) and the Municipality of Maceió.

The New Connection Road project was designed to facilitate safe travel for both drivers and cyclists while fostering connectivity between commercial hubs in Maceió's upper neighborhoods. Additionally, the avenue will feature modern amenities such as bus stops and public lighting.

Several past studies have been conducted to minimize impacts and optimize social and environmental outcomes. Only 34% of the route passes through occupied areas and two bridges, standing at heights of 27 and 21 meters, have been constructed to preserve existing natural features in the region. The bridges are designed to minimize disruption to the local flora.

If necessary, vegetation will be sustainably relocated throughout all phases of construction, with an equivalent area of approximately 11 hectares restored in locations designated by the Municipality.

Mobility Package

The construction of the New Connection Road and other urban mobility improvements is planned by the Municipality and executed by specialized firms contracted by Braskem. The interventions are supervised by the public authorities and are expected to last about three and a half years. The budget is BRL 360 million, and this amount is adjusted annually.

The projects encompass the construction, expansion, or rehabilitation of over 33 kilometers of roads, along with the implementation of nearly 37 kilometers of accessible sidewalks and bikeways, as well as upgrades to public sidewalks, parking facilities, new lighting, rainwater drainage systems, and the integration of smart traffic lights.

Commitments to Maceió

Braskem has been implementing a series of initiatives and programs since 2019 to address land subsidence effects in Maceió.

To facilitate understanding and monitoring of these and other initiatives and programs, the company has consolidated these efforts into ten commitments spanning social, urban, and environmental domains on a single platform. These urban mobility improvement initiatives are part of Braskem's commitment number 8 with Maceió - compensation and requalification of social spaces in affected areas and urban mobility.

These initiatives are part of the five agreements settled between Braskem and local authorities in recent years. For further details, visit the Compromissos com Maceió (Commitments with Maceió) platform at .




Eduardo Ramos