"Aprendi no Flexal" program offers new courses for residents

  • Courses are free and aim to prepare professionals for the job market
  • The initiative stands as one of the 23 outlined actions in the Agreement aimed at reversing the socio-economic isolation of Flexais

Maceió, May 23, 2024 - The "Aprendi no Flexal" program started two new free professional training courses for the region residents. The Basic Cooking and Ceramic Coating Applicator courses, each with 20 available spots, started on May 20 th and 22nd, respectively, at Senai in the Poço neighborhood.

The program, structured in response to community demands, not only fosters skill development but also local entrepreneurship. Developed for both aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals already in the job market seeking to enhance their skills, the initiative has offered a total of nine courses, accommodating 180 participants since its conception in September 2023.

Aprendi no Flexal is part of the 23 measures taken to reverse the socioeconomic isolation situation in the region, being part of the 5 th commitment reaffirmed by Braskem with Maceió: "Professional Training and Support in Generating Income for Impacted Residents." Courses are designed in partnership with reference educational institutions like Senai and Senac. Transportation to class venues, if required, is provided by Projeto Flexais at no cost to participants.

The training program was meticulously developed with input from education specialists and extensive community engagement, including surveys and face-to-face meetings with residents (with over 300 contributions). These efforts helped to identify common interests and expectations regarding employment opportunities, also guiding the selection of educational institutions to execute the Aprendi no Flexal courses.

Check out the courses offered through the program:

  • Motorcycle Maintenance - completed in October/23
  • Manicure and Pedicure - completed in January /24
  • Masonry Bricklaying - completed in January/24
  • Building Plumbing - completed in January/24
  • Basic English for Tourist Services - completed in January/24
  • Building Electrician - completed in February/24
  • Elderly Caregiver - completed in April/24
  • Basic Cooking - starting in May/24
  • Ceramic Coating Applicator - starting in May/24

Initiatives in Flexais

In addition to Aprendi no Flexal, various measures are being implemented, including urban cleaning and pest control, surveillance, a dedicated and free bus route for Flexais residents, school transportation and psychological support services. The installation of security cameras, upgrading of public lighting with new lamps, and modernization of the network have also been completed. The Flexal Space, which accommodates municipal departments providing direct services to the community, has been structured as part of the project.

Furthermore, residents and traders affected by socio-economic isolation in the region are receiving compensation as part of the initiative. By the end of April, over 99% of the proposed projects had been presented, with an impressive 98.6% already paid out, totaling BRL 48.5 million. Additionally, in November 2022, Braskem allocated BRL 64 million to the Municipality of Maceió to implement supplementary measures in the region, further underlining their commitment to community welfare and development.

Commitments with Maceió

The initiatives that encompass the Flexais Project are part of Braskem's 10 commitments with Maceió. The initiatives and programs, many of which are in an advanced stage of implementation or have already been concluded, address social, urban, and environmental aspects and form part of the five primary agreements signed between Braskem and the authorities in recent years.

To enhance comprehension and monitoring of these efforts, Braskem is consolidating them through the Compromissos com Maceió (Commitments with Maceió) platform. The details and respective implementation stages of the actions and programs can now be consulted and monitored at


, which is constantly updated.




Eduardo Ramos