Aprendi no Flexal Program Aims to Train Residents for the Job Market

  • This is one of the 23 initiatives in the Agreement signed to reverse the situation of socioeconomic islanding of Flexais
  • Free courses train professionals in various sectors

Maceió, April 11, 2024 - Residents of the Flexais region are being prepared to earn their space in the job market with the support of the professional training program. Named by the residents themselves as "Aprendi no Flexal," this is one of the socioeconomic initiatives defined in the Flexais Project. It has offered over 140 places in seven professional courses since September 2023. Based on community demands, the initiative also aims to encourage local entrepreneurship.

The classes are also aimed at those already in the market who want to improve their knowledge and increase their professional growth possibilities. Civil firefighter Dígovas Nascimento da Silva, 28 years old, discovered "Aprendi no Flexal" when he took the Motorcycle Mechanic course. "I took this opportunity to learn a new profession because I have always loved cars and motorcycles. When I was finishing the course, I found out that the Electrician class was starting and I signed up too. In addition to learning how to deal with accidents involving short circuits and electric shocks, I intend to share this new knowledge with my professional colleagues", he said.

"Aprendi no Flexal" is part of the 23 measures to reverse the socioeconomic islanding in the region and is part of the 5th commitment reaffirmed by Braskem with Maceió: "Professional Training and Support in Generating Income for Impacted Residents." The courses are completely free of charge and are conducted in collaboration with Senai and Senac, leading educational institutions in professional training. When needed, transportation to the class location is arranged by Projeto Flexais.

Alessandro Francisco da Cruz Junior, a course monitor and Civil Construction specialist, emphasizes the significance of this training, which blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. "The job market is highly competitive today, and qualifications are crucial. Some individuals from low-income backgrounds may not be able to afford such courses, making this partnership between companies essential in providing these young people with the opportunity to gain valuable skills," said Alessandro.

The training program was crafted with input from education experts and community engagement, including surveys among residents (with over 300 contributions) and in-person meetings to identify affinities and job market expectations. Based on these results, affinities and expectations in relation to the job market were identified. The choice of educational institutions to run the Aprendi no Flexal courses also followed this diagnosis.

The civil construction-focused courses aim to promote the employment of local professionals in the region's urban redevelopment projects, another initiative outlined in the Flexais Project.

Check out the courses provided by the program:

  • Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Masonry Bricklayer
  • Plumber Building Installer
  • Building Installer Electrician
  • Elderly Caregiver
  • Basic English for Tourist Services

Initiatives in Flexais

In October 2022, a Term of Agreement was signed by the Municipality of Maceió, the Federal Public Ministry, the Public Ministry of the State of Alagoas, the Federal Public Defender's Office, and Braskem to implement measures aimed at urban integration and the development of Flexais. Studies have shown that the area is experiencing socioeconomic isolation following the vacancy of properties in the neighborhoods of Pinheiro, Mutange, Bebedouro, Bom Parto, and Farol.

In addition to the "Aprendi no Flexal" program, initiatives such as urban cleaning, pest control, surveillance, a dedicated and free bus route for Flexais residents, school transportation, and psychological support services are underway. Security cameras were installed, new lamps were installed for public lighting, and the network was modernized. The Flexal Space was also organized, housing municipal departments to provide direct services to the community.

Residents and business owners in the affected areas of socioeconomic isolation are also receiving compensation. By the end of February, over 98% of the planned proposals had been submitted, and 98.8% of them had been paid out, totaling BRL 48.1 million. In November 2022, Braskem also paid BRL 64 million to the Municipality of Maceió for additional measures in the area.

Commitment to Maceió

The initiatives that encompass the Flexais Project are aligned with Braskem's 10 commitments to Maceió. These initiatives, many of which are in an advanced stage or already completed, focus on social, urban, and environmental aspects. They form part of the five major agreements between Braskem and the authorities in recent years. Most were established after consultations with public authorities, society, and affected communities.

Braskem is consolidating the "Compromissos com Maceió" platform to facilitate the understanding and monitoring of these initiatives. The details and respective stages of execution of the initiatives and programs can now be consulted and monitored at https://www.braskem.com.br/compromissosmaceio , which will be constantly updated.



Eduardo Ramos