Our ambition

Be recognized worldwide for developing the recycling supply chain in our operating regions and for leading recycling efforts in the Americas.

Our goal

Expand our portfolio to include 300,000 tons of thermoplastic resins and chemical products with recycled content by 2025; and, by 2030, 1 million tons of such products.

Our performance

Elimination of plastic waste

Our transition strategy to a circular economy supports the development of mechanical and chemical recycling solutions to increase the collections of post-consumer plastic waste.

We partner with mechanical recyclers, allowing us to overcome technical and logistics barriers and deliver quality recycled resins into highly technical applications. We are more of just an off-take for chemical recycling and it would be more related to feedstock as a customer than Braskem providing technology expertise

Our strategy for a circular economy

Check out what mechanical recycling is

Continue investing in the development of mechanical recycling and advanced recycling projects.

Reciclagem Mecânica Processo

In the mechanical recycling process, post-consumer plastic is sorted, grinded, washed, and dried before undergoing a process called extrusion. It is then transformed into small granules called pellets.

Our commitments: We are committed to increasing the collection of post-consumer plastic waste. Using our polymer expertise, we also aim to improve the quality of post-consumer recycled resins and expand their application possibilities to meet increasing market needs.

Check out what chemical recycling is

Continue investing in projects and development of mechanical and chemical recycling.

Reciclagem química processo

Chemical recycling is the process that turns plastics waste into circular feedstock for manufacturing new plastics or chemicals.

Our commitments: We seek to improve existing chemical recycling technologies in addition to developing disruptive technologies for this new value chain.

Discover our projects and initiatives

Marcus Hook Recycling Drop-Off Center Creation

In 2022, Braskem financed a new community recycling drop-off center in Marcus Hook, PA. This drop-off center provides 2400+ community members the opportunity to recycle common household items.

Nexus Circular

In the United States, Braskem signed a 10-year commercial agreement for the supply of circular raw materials, coming from a new chemical recycling unit of Nexus Circular, a company that converts plastics that are difficult to recycle, such as plastic films discarded in landfills, into raw material. Braskem also has a small equity stake in Nexus Circular.

Operation Clean Sweep

Braskem America is a member of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) blue, a joint stewardship program administered by the American Chemistry Council and the PLASTICS Trade Association. OCS is a global program to provent pre-production plastic loss to the natural environment. OCS blue member is the most robust membership tier which requires 3rd party verification to ensure the requirements of the program are being met. OCS has been implemented in more than 60 countries worldwide and Braskem also participates in this program in Brazil, Mexico, and Europe.

Philadelphia Eagles Partnership

Braskem entered a 9-year sustainability partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018 which includes a recycling program to support plastics recycling of items used in stadium operations, collaboration in community volunteer projects, and an online education platform called STEM Scholars to help promote and engage Greater Philadelphia region school children in STEM learning and career pathways.

Post Consumer Recycled (PCR)

Braskem America offers a wide range of PCR polypropylene products and is continuously working on developing new PCR grades to achieve wide-reaching market commitments. Also, our PCR grades can be used in a variety of applications, such as food and beverage (containers, caps, and closures); cosmetics (containers, caps, and closures); housewares; and auto/industrial. 

Learn more on the Wenew website , our circularity ecosystem that brings together Braskem's products, technologies, and initiatives that are helping to drive the circular economy.