You are free to be you

At Braskem everyone is valued for being who they are. We created our Diversity and Inclusion Program for us to become increasingly more inclusive, making equal opportunities for all team members.

The program has three pillars:

Human diversity is a set of cultural, biological, social, and economic characteristics that make each individual a unique being. A diverse group, community or organization is one where a diversity of these characteristics exists.

Equity consists of adapting the existing rule to an actual situation in order to make it fairer. It is a process that begins by recognizing this uneven starting point and undertakes to correct and resolve the imbalance.

Inclusion is the appreciation and inclusion of populations that, for historical and social reasons, face barriers in society and in companies. It is the act of creating an inclusive work environment, training, visibility, respect, and fair treatment for these populations.

Our work fronts

In addition to actions developed across the board, that is, addressing the issue as a whole, we have initiatives based on five work fronts directed towards inclusion and empowering historically marginalized groups.


Recruiting and retaining people of color to join as team members and leaders within the organization. Ensure an inclusive and prejudice free work environment.


We empower, upskill, and develop women to provide them equitable opportunities.


Providing opportunities for historically marginalized groups who are underrepresented in the STEM fields.


Promote an inclusive work environment and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.


Promote an inclusive work environment, free from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, which guarantees equal opportunities and rights.

Diversity as a goal

Diversity, equity, and Inclusion is part of our sustainable development commitments. With well-defined goals, initiatives, and actions, Braskem has the ambition to be recognized as a company that promotes human rights and equity in our value chain.

Learn more about our  social responsibility and human rights  commitment.
Incluir e valorizar a Diversidade cada vez mais

At Braskem America we have three diversity-based Affinity Networks, which include: LGBTQIA+ Network, People of Color Network, and the Women and Allies Network (WAAN).

The goal of Affinity Networks is to provide an inclusive environment for our teams members. All are welcome to participate, as members of the group or as an ally, so that together we can build an increasingly human-oriented, diverse, and inclusive Braskem.

Incluir e Valorizar a diversidade cada vez mais.

LGBTQIA+ Network

With 5 individuals brave enough to share their stories and advocate for change the LGBTIA+ network collaborated on the gender identity normative with our People and Organization department for a safe and inclusive environment. Through education and advocacy each of our sites now proudly raises the PRIDE flag during June and has received commitment from our CEO on support the community despite the current climate. The network continues to advocate for internal and external change, educate our team members, and sponsor the Out + Equal organization.

People of Color Network

With a recent increase in participation and membership the people of color have advocated for floating holidays to ensure that team members are able to choose dates that hold significant cultural meeting. They have also been instrumental in creating our Anti- Racism normative ensuring that Braskem is an anti-racist employer. Throwing growing partnerships with FOSSI, NOBCHE, and Historically Black Universities have continued advocacy externally.

Women and Allies Network

Has grown to reach over a 100 women and allies with a span of two years. WAAN has proposed work site improvements including a lactation room, updated bathrooms, and appropriate PPE for women team members. Members within WAAN asked that we have more new parent resources available (e.g., a workplace site that has all information for expecting and new parents ranging from Short Term Disability (STD), health insurance incentives, and much more).