Braskem’s Solvent business is committed to the development of sustainable and innovative solutions and is aligned with company circular economy goals.

Products are purified through successive fractionation columns and reactors, allowing high purity solvents to be obtained. Solvents are produced from petrochemical naphtha and other raw materials through catalytic cracking and reforming processes.

In recent years, we have developed two new sustainable solvents, one, HE-70s, made from a renewable source, and the other, Hexane RC, Braskem’s first Recycled Solvent.

Solvent Application Laboratory

The Solvent Application Laboratory was developed with the intention of bringing client technical needs closer to our solutions. Besides supporting the development of new solvents and applications, the laboratory has several equipment and services focusing on the customization of solutions and formulations.

Among the various services developed in our laboratory, we highlight:

  • Performance assessment of polymer solubility
  • Determination of relative evaporation rate (R.E.T.)
  • Application testing:
    • Shine
    • Viscosity
    • Hardness
    • Drying
    • Adhesion (cross cutting)
    • Flash point (open vessel and closed vessel)
    • Distillation range
    • Density
    • Surface tension

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