With an accessible and personalized service and versatile products that combine high performance and reliability, Braskem offers its customers a portfolio of diversified chemistry and plastics solutions in order to serve the paint market, such as solvents and hydrocarbon resins.

Solvents are indispensable raw materials in paint formulation and the segment is responsible for 60% of sales, so we are constantly investing in innovative solutions and technologies. We have a complete portfolio of hydrocarbon solvents and a presence in the key applications of automobile paints (OEM and refinishing), decorative paints, and industrial Paints.

The Braskem line of hydrocarbon resins – Braskem Unilene – is ideal for paint formulation and its key characteristic is to improve the gloss and drying properties of paints, providing technical and economic advantages due to its chemical stability and high purity.


Solvents are indispensable to the manufacturing of paints.
Correct use makes it easier to apply the paint, which adjusts the viscosity and evaporation rate.
This results in the formation of a quality, defect-free film.

They serve segments such as:



Formulation of paints: Unilene hydrocarbon resin (printing inks, road marking inks, aluminum-based protective pipeline inks, automotive inks, and protective Varnishes). Its benefits:

  • Increases film hardness
  • Enhances shine and maintenance thereof
  • Reduces drying time
  • Increases adhesion to substrate
  • Increases moisture repellency and also acid and base resistance
  • Compatibility with different solvents and bases


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