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Around the world, Braskem’s portfolio of chemicals and petrochemicals offers essential items for people’s daily needs in different market segments. Our solutions cover a wide variety of assets to integrate into your company production process and ensure the quality of your products.


Business Segments

Get to know the market segments in which we operate and the different applications of the raw materials we produce, essential for people's daily lives.

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Technical section

Our team seeks to understand the application that the customer wants to make and how our portfolio can offer improvements and benefits, whether in the process or in the final product.

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Braskem focuses its solutions on market segments and product lines, with comprehensive portfolios of plastic resins and chemical products.

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Braskem is one of the largest suppliers of chemical and petrochemical products in the world, recognized for its focus on sustainable development, innovation and quality.

We believe in lasting partnerships, we have a broad portfolio of products and we work together with our customers to create new practical and sustainable solutions in all markets.

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