Braskem is the largest biopolymer producer in the world and the largest producer of thermoplastic polyolefins in the Americas.

Our purpose is to transform people’s lives by creating sustainable solutions through chemicals and plastics.

Every day, we work on creating innovative and sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impacts and increase efficiency in the world around us.

Working at Braskem

At Braskem, there is room for everyone. Here, people are encouraged to make a difference every day, while always evolving and learning. We are driven, always want to go further, which is why we embolden our team members to defy the status quo and seek out people who share our passion.

We believe innovative attitudes transform society and the planet. Innovation is in everything we do, in our products, our processes and how we work. We want everyone here to feel proud of our accomplishments. Our goal is to provide memorable experiences to people in a dynamic, inspiring and flexible workplace.

We are inspired every day by new experiences. We value autonomy, collaboration, freedom and diversity. Here, people are encouraged to build their own path with innumerous opportunities for development and career possibilities.

Be you

You are free to be you. Here, everyone is valued for who they are. We value diversity and create an increasingly inclusive workplace. We believe innovation comes to life when different perspectives are shared.

We are committed to driving greater awareness and engagement across the business, and helping every Team Member understand why D&I is so important, what it means for the company and the role you can play in helping us forge a strong, diverse and inclusive working environment.

BeUx is our employee value proposition.

BeUx is na open invitation for our teammembers be their best verions and enjoy the best experience at Braskem.

Check the pillars of our culture:

You Are the protagonist
As relações baseadas na confiança e na autonomia são a chave da transformação. Aqui você é encorajado/a a fazer a diferença, todos os dias.
Challenge and be challenged
Somos inspirados/as a questionar o senso comum e desafiarmos uns aos outros. Assim evoluímos e aprendemos sempre.
Co-create your ideas
A inovação ganha vida quando trabalhamos em equipe. Tem uma ideia? Compartilhe. Conecte-se. Faça acontecer.
Build Your own Path
Acreditamos que existem muitos caminhos para ter sucesso. E você sempre será encorajado/a a traçar o seu.
Grow with us
Aqui as oportunidades de crescimento são grandes. Faça parte de uma empresa ética, transparente e próspera que busca sempre ir mais longe.
Be proud of what you do
Participe de soluções sustentáveis que melhoram a vida das pessoas. Com atitude inovadora, seu trabalho beneficia a sociedade e o planeta.
You are Free to be you
Diversidade e respeito são essenciais. Aqui você é valorizado/a por ser quem você é e as oportunidades são iguais para todos/as. Sem exceções.

Work with us

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