Buildings, infrastructures and construction sites: plastic applications – in the forms of PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene – are increasingly common in the construction market. Lightness, possibility of reuse and recycling, and durability are the key attributes that make plastic the most advantageous raw material when compared to traditional materials. The result is a productivity gain in the work and less need for maintenance in the operating phase. In addition to these differentiators, plastic has another major ally – sustainability – as the solutions made from it are 100% recyclable.

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PVC Applications

Roof tiles, gutters, floors, ceilings, and window frames: these are just some of the many roles that PVC can play in construction. The material is lightweight, resistant to traction and impact, waterproof, and easy to install and sanitize. The material is one of the most widely applied in the modern construction industry.

PVC Concrete Building System

They are lightweight and modular PVC profiles, filled with concrete and steel. Their main benefit is the speed of construction, with easy execution and fitting, requiring no special equipment.

Roof tiles

The main benefits are lightness, ease of installation, and durability. In addition, PVC tiles have dimensional stability and fire resistance.

Window frames

The PVC window frames have high durability, are resistant to corrosive sea air and UV rays, and allow easy maintenance.


The main advantages of the polyethylene reservoir for drinking water, rainwater or graywater are the strength of the material, speed of execution, and storage conditions.

PVC and PE Geomembranes

Large areas of soil and reservoirs can be waterproofed with PE or PVC geomembranes, which are suitable for protection of soil, landfills, riverbeds or irrigation canals, roads, artificial reservoirs, tanks for fish, and insulation of metal tanks. They are flexible and easy to transport and install, reduce labor costs, and are resistant to impact, punctures, and corrosive chemicals.

Bubble Deck

The polypropylene blown balls spaced between two welded wire meshes reduces the dead weight of the slabs, providing greater flexibility in work with lower costs and environmental impact.

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