Braskem has a number of solutions to the adhesive market. We are present in technologies, providing the best performance for each application. Every day, you can find Braskem’s technology in the assembly of shoes, placement of pieces of furniture and laminates, closing of packaging, assembly of mattresses, the formulation of sealants, etc.

Braskem offers a broad, high-performance portfolio for the market for hot melt and solvent-based adhesives, found in applications such as footwear, furniture, packaging, and mattresses. In the solvent line, there are options to optimize the drying time, increase performance, and provide adhesive properties for low-affinity surfaces.

In the line of Specialty Chemicals, polybutene and hydrocarbon resins feature versatility and compatibility with other polymers that are present in various applications. Their adhesive properties provide good performance in different materials.

In addition, Braskem is the producer of the Unilene® hydrocarbon resin, which is ideal for hot melt adhesives and comprises chemical bases such as EVA, rubber, and polyurethanes.

The solvents participate in the adhesive formulation, improving application characteristics by adjusting the viscosity and optimizing the drying time according to the characteristics of each production process. They are applied mainly in adhesives for footwear.

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