Braskem offers an array of polypropylene (PP) products that provide excellent mechanical and optical properties for consumer applications, such as furniture, toys, and housewares. Our evolving portfolio includes homopolymer, impact copolymer, and random copolymer options to ensure the right balance of properties for a quality finished good. We’re also focused on sustainability, offering post-consumer recycled (PCR) and mass balance-based solutions from chemical recycling and plant-based sources.

Features and benefits

  • High melt flow products for faster cycle times and greater flexibility in product design.
  • Excellent transparency for food storage containers and organizers.
  • Balanced stiffness and impact properties for superior toughness and durability.

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Braskem is one of the largest suppliers of chemical and petrochemical products in the world, recognized for its focus on sustainable development, innovation and quality.

We believe in lasting partnerships, we have a broad portfolio of products and we work together with our clients to create new practical and sustainable solutions in all markets.

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