Tackling climate change with “grab and go” water

Founded in the Netherlands, Bottle Up emerged from the frustration of seeing the Amsterdam canals filled with single-used plastic bottles.

To help eliminate the waste, Bottle Up designed a durable water bottle that is safe enough to refill and just as convenient as any other bottle on the market.

However, Bottle Up’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond plastic waste reduction. By making their bottles from carbon-capturing bio-based materials, Bottle up actively tackles climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of their products.

More about Bottle Up’s mission

Andrew Eversden, Bottle Up’s co-founder says that using Braskem’s I’m green™ bio-based material further enhances the sustainability of the bottles:

“At Bottle Up, we deeply care about reducing waste. But we don't stop there.”

“We are also passionate about using materials that are good for the planet. That's where I’m green™ bio-based comes in. It's made from sugarcane, which actually captures carbon from the atmosphere. So when you choose Bottle Up, you're not just getting a great product – you're fighting climate change too.”

Bottle Up partners with Braskem because they trust that I’m green™ bio-based is sourced and developed sustainably, with protections in place for people and the environment, through Braskem's sustainable ethanol sourcing program.

“Bottle Up wants to make the world better for everyone. After all, it's not just about being eco-conscious; it's also about doing the right thing.”

Says Andrew Eversden

Enabling companies like Bottle Up in their sustainability journey is the core mission of I’m green™ bio-based .

“It is always a pleasure to partner with companies like Bottle Up.”

“Their dedication to eliminating plastic pollution and creating a more sustainable world is a real inspiration. We're honored to support their journey towards a brighter future by supplying I’m green™ bio-based materials, a perfect solution for their mission and sustainability goals.”

Tells Richard Lambert, Business Development & Partnerships for Bio-Polymers EMEA