Sustainable Brands Madrid 23's motto is 'From purpose-driven brands to impact-driven brands'

Impact should be built on sustainability principles that are designed for the future, ones where their contribution to society will persist as we transform to a carbon-neutral circular economy. Making a direct contribution to sustainability - whether that be offering a lower carbon footprint, better circularity, use of sustainable materials, or fair and safe labour conditions in their supply chain. Transparency and effective communication are also needed to ensure people know how brand is making a difference. Impact-driven brands should work to make meaningful changes in as many of these areas as possible.

Braskem's I'm greenTM bio-based is an impact-driven brand. A sustainably sourced biobased plastic solution, that has been awarded on multiple occasions for its contribution to innovation and sustainability as it provides clients a solution to reach their carbon neutrality goals. And on social responsibility and human rights, under Braskem's externally audited Responsible Ethanol Sourcing Program doesn't only ensure the highest environmental and biodiversity protection it also guarantees the highest respect for social responsibility and human rights in our supply chain.

In this year's Sustainable Brands Europe edition, we will be focusing on the transformation the plastics industry is going through to become full carbon neutral and circular by 2050. For this to happen, we need to act now! To reach this goal, there are many potential solutions and biopolymers deliver an essential contribution for the industry to become carbon neutral.

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