Braskem provides raw materials and additives for the production of rubber, mainly used in tires of the automotive sector, in addition to products that serve the segments of special rubbers in medical applications.

PIB (polyisobutylene) is patented by Braskem and, among other applications, provides improved plasticizing and increased fluidity of synthetic rubbers. Its main advantages include providing greater resistance to gases, preventing the passage of air; generating savings of raw material, since it is more durable; and allowing the production of thinner walls, which use less raw material. It also generates energy savings as a greater flow means lower power consumption.

Braskem also produces butadiene, a raw material used in the synthetic rubber industry in the manufacture of tires and rubber products in general.
In partnership with Genomatica, a U.S.-based biotechnology company, Braskem signed an agreement in 2013 to develop technology for producing butadiene from a renewable source – sugarcane. The goal is to mainly serve the market for synthetic rubbers, supplied mainly by naphtha-based butadiene.