Braskem's main market in the retail industry is selling resins to packaging manufacturers, with its applications ranging from food and product packaging to housewares and the plastic bags and films used by supermarkets and food producers.

In addition to protecting final products, packaging also gives a face to brands by reinforcing their identity among consumers. Braskem is always working to develop new solutions that meet the needs of its Clients and help drive market trends.

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Braskem has a wide range of polypropylene products for houseware manufacturers that offer good processing, excellent mechanical and optical properties and flexibility for innovative designs.

Meat Industry

A medium-density polyethylene was developed especially to meet the exacting needs of the films market for hamburgers.

Blow Molded Packaging

Polyethylene packaging for dairy beverages, home care products, cosmetics and pharmacons, industrial products and agrichemical products.


With high thermal and impact resistance, polypropylene does not suffer unwanted deformation or breakage when used for hot beverages and offers excellent transparency and gloss.

Applications of green polyethylene (Green PE)

Green polyethylene, also known as Green Plastic, is made from sugarcane ethanol, a 100% renewable material. It has the same properties, performance and versatility of applications as polyethylenes made from fossil fuels, which facilitates its use in the plastics production chain and in the traditional polyethylene recycling chain.

Tetra Pak® carton packaging

All packaging manufactured by Tetra Pak® in Brazil uses low-density polyethylene made from sugarcane in its protective layers. Combined with the paper components, the biopolymer increases to 82% the percentage of renewable materials in the packaging.