Health, Environment, Safety, Quality and Productivity Policy

Braskem believes that continual improvement in business, valuing the human being and ethical conduct, is essential to reach increasing levels of business excellence and achieve its purpose of improving people’s lives, creating sustainable solutions with chemical and plastic products.

This belief is reflected in this policy, which aligns Quality and Productivity processes and integrates them into the Health, Safety and Environment processes, assuring the generation of increasingly sustainable results through the following commitments:

  1. Acting preventively:
    • In the safety of people, processes, product, information and property;
    • In the quality of people’s occupational health;
    • In the quality of products and services;
    • In the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection.
  2. Exceeding clients’ expectations.
  3. Assuring cooperation and partnership with suppliers who share Braskem’s values.
  4. Promoting the development of people and the sharing of good practices across Braskem.
  5. Maintaining a positive relationship with the communities.
  6. Continually improving processes, products and services, stimulating innovation and meeting legal requirements, as well as all of Braskem’s other internal requirements.
  7. Acting ethically with integrity and transparency.
  8. Continually measuring performance and implementing action plans for improvement, attaining the level of the best companies in the sector.
  9. Seeking efficiency and productivity across the value chain.