Principles and Values

Principles and Values

Our purpose

Chemicals and plastics are present in various products used daily: in health, transportation, food, home goods and personal use, and so many other essential segments of our life.

By understanding this role, we continuously strive to create sustainable solutions so you can live better. This is our purpose. And to put that into practice, we have invested in disruptive innovation and focused our efforts on generating a positive impact on society now and on future generations.

Our way of being

Principles We believe in the power of people

We believe in the potential and in the desire of our team members to develop and overcome challenges with courage and daring. As for our clients, we acknowledge that they deserve the best we can offer. For this reason, we work together to create unique and effective solutions that drive positive transformation in the supply chain.

Just like our clients, our suppliers are a critical part of our being and they add value to everything we do. We also support our shareholders, who place their trust in us and encourage us to exceed their expectations every day. Obviously, we also have a duty to society and the communities where we operate and we do this by showing respect to the environment and promoting well-being.

Attitudes Entrepreneurship is in our actions.

We value attitudes that highlight even more our humane side and our eye on the future:

By empowering our team members, we stimulate professional development and place our trust on them to deliver the best possible outcome. We encourage every person to perform a leadership role in their own professional journey, within and outside the company, from internship to post-retirement. We value the individuality of everyone, we guarantee their rights and we strive to be more diverse and inclusive every day. These values drive us not only from the point of view of human development, but also from the corporate standpoint.

Another aspect in our people is their innovative attitude.

We foster ideas that enable us to deliver intelligent and unique solutions to our clients. With the courage of the restless, we conduct research and use state-of-the-art technologies to transform processes in our operations. We also constantly seek out new methodologies and practices that assist us in reformulating the way we work to maximize our business performance.

We are transparent in our communication and accountable for our actions. Competence, integrity and safety are our non-negotiable values, as they are the foundations of a valuable, competitive and prosperous company, ensuring its continuity.

We also make decisions guided by our global Sustainable Development strategy and, together with our supply chain partners, we develop a number of projects to improve impacts, considering such aspects as climate change, efficient water use and proper disposal of post-consumption waste.

Do you want to learn more about how we put our purpose and way of being into practice?

Find out the 2050 sustainable development commitments we have undertaken.

Code of Conduct

Braskem is committed to transparent and responsible management.

Those practices are described in its Code of Conduct , which sets out rules of conduct that must guide internal and external relations of all company team members.

Ethics Line

Braskem provides an Ethics Line to its Team members, Suppliers, Clients and all other relationship public as support to retaining an ethical and productive corporate environment. This channel can be used for anonymous reporting of information and facts to the Braskem Ethics Committee.

Reports are treated with utmost confidentiality. All records are reviewed with judicious attention, contributing towards transparent management and a safe and healthy environment.