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Following a process of continuous improvement, in 2016 Braskem decided to revise its Conduct Code for Ethanol Suppliers, developed in 2010, in order to update it and align it with the Code applicable to all of the company's suppliers, in addition to seeking a greater synergy with other codes, standards and protocols applied to the ethanol sector, and meeting both internal needs and the expectations of suppliers, customers and other interested parties. Therefore, the Braskem Responsible Ethanol Sourcing was developed.

Braskem Responsible Ethanol Sourcing

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some of the highest accolades,
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fifty awards received:

  • Bioplastics Award 2007
  • ICIS Innovation Awards 2007
  • ECO Award 2011
  • Les Oscars de l'emballage 2011
  • FINEP Innovation Award 2012
  • Les Oscars de l'emballage 2012
  • Great Packaging Case Studies 2012
  • Exame Sustainability Guide 2012
  • Vip Asia Awards 2013
  • Walmart End-to-End Sustainability Award 2013
  • Packaging Award 2014
  • Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards 2014
  • Frost & Sullivan 2014
  • ABRE Brazilian Packaging Awards 2014
  • Fast Company 2014
  • World Beverage Innovation Awards 2015
  • Responsible Business Awards 2015
  • Innovation Brazil Yearbook 2015
  • Futuro da Terra Award 2015
  • Packaging Innovations - Luxury Packaging London 2015
  • German Design Awards 2016
  • Sustainable Beauty Awards 2016
  • Green Product Award 2017
  • FIRJAN Environmental Action Award 2017
  • Bio-Based World News 2017
  • Packaging Innovations 2018
  • 2018 Pure Beauty Global Awards
  • EcoSocial Award - Brazil Promotion 2018
  • Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award 2018

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Braskem received the ISO 9001 certification in 2003. This certification guarantees an international standard for the quality and standardization of processes, demonstrating the importance and concern Braskem has for providing reliable products and services that meet customer requirements and regulatory standards. Furthermore, this certification reinforces the company’s commitment to continuously improving its processes and products.

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Braskem received the ISO 14001 certification in 2004. This is the international standard for environmental management systems. Combined with ISO 9001, this standard defines an environmental management system as part of managing environmental factors, proposing to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure that environmental impact analysis is both included in the process and has a measure for continuous improvement.

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Targeting the sugarcane production and supply chain, the Bonsucro certification ensures that the entire chain, from its origin to the final product, complies with the required standards. This certification allows brands to prove the sustainability of their sugarcane supply process.

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The ISCC is a certification system that aims to implement the strictest sustainability requirements. Braskem has been ISCC+ certified since 2011. This certification allows all elements of the supply chain to be traced and ensures greenhouse gas reduction.

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