About I'm Green™

My name is I’m green™ plastic. I’m an innovative product developed to promote the better use of natural resources. I’m helping to build a more sustainable future. What about you?

I’m renewably sourced and help fight climate change! I'm committed
to create a positive impact

I'm made of Sugarcane


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I'm the world's first bio-based plastic produced on an industrial scale, a polyethylene made from sugarcane. I was born in 2010 at Braskem's Innovation & Technology Center, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, with a major advantage: I'm made from renewable resources, which is why my production process captures carbon dioxide. Yes, I truly can say that I help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

Look where I am!

I'm green plastic and I'm usually in good company.
I'm all around the world, in a variety of products, and continue to attract investments wherever I go. I'm the main ingredient in artificial turf in Japan, in cosmetics packaging in France, in footwear in the United States, and in toys in Brazil. I'm all around, raising environmental awareness!

I'm all around, raising environmental awareness!

Want to join me in finding sustainable solutions that promote a better impact on the planet?

Business sustainability

Demand is mounting

The search for solutions that have positive impact on the environment and society grows constantly. As a result, brands and companies are increasingly focused on offering products aligned with this trend.

Environmental legislation

Governments around the world are increasingly seeking alternatives to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Constant innovation

The mechanisms of artificial intelligence, automation, and analysis of the 21st century are being used to drastically reduce the time and cost of developing new production methods.

I’m renewably
sourced and help
fight climate change!

I can have no carbon footprint, because I’m produced with the renewable raw material, sugarcane.

When no longer useful, I can be recycled and will return to the start of the cycle. Pretty circular, huh?

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