Health and

Our ambition is to be one of the leading companies in the petrochemical sector for Occupational Health & Safety and Process Safety. Safety, for us, is a non-negotiable premise. As part of our care for team members, we adopt safety practices to ensure the integrity and health of our teams. The Company prioritizes medical care in the workplace and facilitating access and health surveillance for workers.



Be among the best

global chemical and petrochemical companies

in Occupational Health & Safety and Process Safety.

Reduce the frequency of personal accidents

reduce the frequency

of process accidents.

Zeroing the number of occupational diseases

Mitigate 100% of socio-environmental risks

Our progress


Our performance

Health & Safety are fundamental and non-negotiable values for Braskem. Our efforts have not been in vain: our results in terms of health and safety are among the best in the global chemical industry.

Our team members and contractors are trained to use our Intelius management system tools, created from international standards ISO 45001, ISO 14000, and ISO 9000. Applied to all company activities, the tools allow the identification and prevention of impacts on worker health and safety, provide for corporate audits and are tracked monthly through standardized KPIs.

Continuous work in the Safety area brings excellent results. Currently, the frequency rate of accidents with and without leave (considering team members and contractors) is only 0.95 – the best result of the last three years.