Braskem presents Upsyde

One of the biggest challenges we face is that many types of plastic are considered hard-to-recycle, or in other words, too difficult or costly to process. But what if there’s a way to change this?

Introducing Upsyde, a joint-venture by Braskem and Terra Circular that uses patented technology to manufacture circular durable goods from 100% hard-to-recycle plastic waste. By doing so, Upsyde gives new life to resources that would otherwise end up in landfills or incineration facilities.

Alexander Van Veen, managing director at Braskem & Upsyde, reinforces why Upsyde is relevant: “The plastic waste problem is urgent and, more than ever, solutions that deliver immediate results towards circular economy are crucial. With Upsyde, we invite retailers, brand-owners, and other relevant stakeholders to become our partners by contributing to circularity today. Upsyde is looking for partners that want to increase their consumption of products with recycled content. Upsyde brings to action the commitments of Braskem, right here in Europe.”

At Braskem, our goal is to repurpose 1,5 million tons of plastic waste by 2030, and Upsyde is a key contributor in that effort. “A circular future is possible if we partner today. Tackling plastic waste is collective effort – together we can foster a more sustainable economy, where more hard-to-recycle plastics are back into the chain. At Upsyde, we are eager to discuss other forms of collaboration – from projects for customized durable goods to closed-loop projects” Alexander states further.

Join us for a more circular and sustainable future! Get to know Upsyde’s solutions by clicking here.

Upsyde. Circular thinking. Sustainable making.