Braskem is committed to always acting Ethically, with Integrity and Transparency. To support this commitment, it has bene enhancing its systems and processes and improving its Compliance and Governance practices.

Code of Conduct

Braskem is committed to the practice of transparent and responsible management.

The main purpose of Braskem’s Code of Conduct is to establish the principles, values and standards that guide the business conduct of Team Members in their internal and external relations. Braskem also has a Code of Conduct for Contractors, which focuses on its relations with suppliers and partners.

Click to access the Code of Conduct or the Code of Conduct for Contractors .

Learn about the ten commitments in Braskem’s Code of Conduct

  • 01. Combat and do not tolerate corruption in any of its forms, including extortion and bribery.
  • 02. Say no firmly and resolutely to any business opportunity that conflicts with this commitment.
  • 03. Integrity, ethics and transparency guide all our relations with representatives from government agencies and private organizations.
  • 04. Never invoke cultural or normal business practices as justification for improper actions.
  • 05. Ensure transparency in all information about Braskem, which must be accurate, comprehensive, accessible and disclosed regularly.
  • 06. Be aware that deviations from ethical conduct, omissions or complacency harm society, violate the law and erode Braskem’s image.
  • 07. Guarantee at Braskem and throughout its entire value chain the practice of the Compliance System, which is constantly updated with the best references.
  • 08. Contribute individually and collectively to promoting change in business markets and environments that could encourage misconduct.
  • 09. Incorporate into Team Members’ Action Programs appraisals of their performance in upholding the Compliance System.
  • 10. Have the conviction that this commitment will keep us on the path to Survival, Growth and Perpetuity.

Braskem's Compliance System

Braskem’s Compliance System focuses on optimizing its business security and protection. Its main goal is to enhance and strengthen compliance principles in its business practices and processes, based on ten measures supported by three pillars: Prevention, Detection and Remediation.

This set of measures aims to systematically prevent, identify and remediate the occurrence of conduct that is unethical, illegal or violates internal policies and procedures, fostering an environment committed to what is right and in which incompatible attitudes are not allowed.

All Braskem Team Members are responsible for practicing the Compliance System.

Leader Detect Remediate Prevent
Governance for Compliance Polices and other Guidelines Assessment of Risks and Controls Communication and Education Compliance of Third Parties Engagement in Collective Actions Managment of the Ethics Line Channel Monitoring of Risks and Controls Remediating Risks and Strengthening Controls Disciplinary Measures

Anti-corruption Policy

Braskem’s Global Anti-corruption Policy strengthens anti-corruption concepts and explains the main types of corruption and Braskem’s stance for combating corruption.

Access the policy here

Ethics Line

The Ethics Line is a confidential, dedicated channel that Braskem Team Members, Suppliers, Contractors, Clients and other stakeholders can use to report incidents of misconduct. The reports received through the channel help to maintain a business environment grounded in ethics, integrity and transparency.

  • Personalized service in Portuguese, English and Spanish offered by dedicated professionals. In German, the service is automated.
  • Monitoring of the report’s status via a ticket number, which should be noted down. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Those making the report can choose to identify themselves or to remain anonymous in order to ensure confidentiality.
  • Guarantee of no retaliation against whistleblowers acting in good faith.

Reports can be made via telephone or the internet. (toll-free number).

Germany 0800-183-0763
Argentina 0800 222 0394
Brazil 0800-377-8021
Chile +56-448909744
Singapore +65-31585409
Colombia 01 800 518 4806
USA 1-800-950-9280
Netherlands 0800-022-7714
Mexico 01-800-681-6940

For more information on the Ethics Hotline click here.

Pacts to Combat Corruption

Braskem is a signatory to the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption, an initiative of the Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility, and also to the UN Global Compact. Participating in joint actions through associations with other companies and organizations is a way to express the commitment of the Group's Leaders to share their experiences, results and actions, and to foster improvement in market conditions and business environments.