To build and maintain partnership relationships with a spirit of service, creativity and innovation while contributing to the development and strengthening of our Customers’ business.

That is the premise that motivates the Braskem team and that, throughout the Company’s history, has influenced the achievement of positive solutions that make a difference both for Customers and for society. After all, Braskem is present in the lives of millions of people through the products of our Customers.

In line with this commitment, Braskem has carried out a series of initiatives to strengthen the relationship with its Customers. Learn more below:


The processing industry is responsible for processing the resins produced by Braskem, resulting in many plastic products of our daily lives. To encourage business in this industry, which is responsible for providing innovative and sustainable solutions for our daily lives, Braskem and Abiplast (Brazilian Association of the Plastics Industry) have teamed up to create the PICPlast (Plastic Chain Incentive Plan) .

Founded in 2013, the initiative has structured a series of actions to stimulate the competitiveness and growth of the plastic processing industry. To do that, it is supported on three pillars, with specific objectives:

  • Processed Goods Exports: to double Brazilian processed PE and PP exports in two years;
  • Competitiveness and Innovation: to stimulate the industry’s competitiveness through training, fostering innovation, and customer support;
  • Advantages of Plastic: to promote and enhance the advantages of plastic as a sustainable solution to the needs of today’s society.

Visit the PICPlast website and learn more about the project.


A creation by Braskem, the platform discloses the advantages of the use of plastic in packaging and brings together, with a dynamic and interactive interface, trends and innovations in design in this market. It enables Customers to check out the news of the segment and interviews with experts and company representatives.

Click here to access the platform.


It is Braskem’s new valuation platform. Launched in 2015 during FEIPLASTIC, it aims to foster business and solutions involving plastic recycling through partnerships with organizations that already operate or are interested in operating in this segment. The initiative reinforces Braskem’s commitment to the plastics chain in Brazil, as well as innovation and technology for sustainability. Some of the platform’s main performance pillars include the development of products with post-consumer recycled content for specific projects, certification and qualification of processes and products, and social responsibility actions for the recycling and recovery of plastic waste.