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Braskem, one of the world’s largest polyolefins producers, is quickly becoming a market leader known for innovative materials serving the fast-growing 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology communities. Braskem’s leadership in polymer solutions is supported by its belief that there is a responsibility to create sustainable solutions through plastics and chemicals that can enhance people’s lives. Through Braskem’s portfolio of polypropylene (PP) 3D printing materials, industries can create customizable on demand solutions that are lightweight, highly durable, and produce less material waste than traditional manufacturing processes.

The New Dimensions powered by Braskem 3D design competition, in alignment with the company’s Global Sustainable Development Strategy , was developed to capture the imagination of student teams from across the United States, and inspire them to develop the next generation of 3D printed designs that can benefit people and society. Whether it’s developing the next generation of electric vehicles, combating climate change, supporting people or animals with disabilities, or simply improving upon an existing design, we are looking for the next generation of 3D printing masters to lead forward with the very best polypropylene 3D printing can produce.

We are looking for design submissions

Grab your team and compete in one of our design categories!

Industrial Applications: Aerospace / Transportation

Quality of Life: Mobility / Medical


Awards will be given out for first, second, and third place in each design category. The first place teams will receive $10,000, second place teams will receive $5,000 and third place teams will receive $2,500. Teams will be limited to no more than 4 members per team

Timeline & submission deadlines

February 1


March 15


April 1


May 16

Submissions Due

June 1


Judging criteria

Each final submission will be judged on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the maximum, in each of the following categories:

10% Design Creativity

  • Design Aesthetics
  • Uniqueness of Design
  • Did the team reimage an existing design or create something new?

30% Use Case

  • Key Benefits
  • Potential applications
  • Size of the opportunity
  • Use of PP in your design and how well did the team leverages the value proposition of PP

30% Sustainability / Design

  • Part consolidation and integration to minimize joints and assembly
  • Weight optimization of infill and part geometry
  • Part orientation and geometry to minimize support material required

30% Fit and Finish of Final Printed Part

  • Final part resolution
  • Amount of post processing required
  • Textures and finish

Meet the judges

your design

Judging of the design competition will be done in two rounds. In the first-round, teams will need to submit their design proposals for initial review. Design proposals will be evaluated based on the questions provided below. Please be as descriptive as possible with your ideas.

If your design proposal is selected for the second round of the competition, your team will be asked to refine your idea and create a working .stl file as well a final working prototype that has been 3D printed. Each team will be given 4 weeks and four (4) spools of Braskem polypropylene filament (PP) to be used for prototyping and the final printed part. Additional material may be available upon request.

Program rules

Be sure to review the program’s rules prior to registering:

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