Wenew Portfolio introduces new feature and continues to grow

Braskem has taken another significant step in its efforts to boost the circular economy: another grade with recycled content has joined the Wenew portfolio - the RPP-241 NL5 - with a focus on the raffia segment for agricultural packaging, and is now on the market.

The Wenew portfolio currently has over 55 grades with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content for a number of industries, including food-grade options for packaging and carbon-neutral and low-carbon solutions, which combine PCR resin and measurable renewable content.

 New high performance for the raffia segment

The recently launched RPP-241 NL5 grade is obtained from reverse logistics and recycling of Braskem's Big Bags, which involved the work of several areas of the company, overcoming various technical challenges to achieve a high quality end result that addresses customer needs. 

Natalia Gava, from Braskem's Technical Service & Development area, points out that, "The resin meets the technical requirements of the raffia process and application, including the mechanical properties of the tape, the performance of the extruder and looms, as well as the stability of the properties and the process."

"We were able to develop a product that addresses the reverse logistics of big bags, with excellent processability in conventional extruders and the need for mechanical adaptations in the machine." She ended by stating, "It is a pioneering resin in this market."

It is estimated that the manufacture of this grade will reduce CO2 emissions by 25% compared to the use of resins of fossil origin.


In order to become a reality, many areas in Braskem took part in the project, including Polymer Science, Quality, Product Engineering, Application Engineering and Logistics, as well as partner recyclers, the Zaraplast transformer and the Mosaic brand owner.

"Partnerships were essential to the success of this extremely challenging project. Working closely to the end consumer of this type of packaging, in this case Mosaic, has enabled us to understand and address the pains in this sector, resulting in a product that sets itself apart in terms of performance and has a lower environmental impact", explains Gabriel Degues Muller, member of the Circular Economy Business Development area.

"The use of RPP-241 NL5 was also highly valued by Mosaic, which recognized the team involved in the project with a global sustainability award from the company", Gabriel added.

Wenew: learn more about Braskem's circular solutions

Among its challenges focused on ESG, Braskem is committed to continuously expanding the volume of resins and chemicals with recycled content that it makes available to the market.

The products in the Wenew portfolio combine requirements such as quality, safety and performance, in addition to collaborating to add value and sustainability to brands.

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