7. Engage partnerships in understanding, preventing and solving the mismanagement plastics residues, especially the problem of debris in oceans.

We know that the dispersion of microplastics in the environment pollutes marine environments. Improper disposal that leads to the fragmentation of the material is one of the pathways of post-consumer plastics today, but there is also an issue on which we at Braskem can act directly and contribute significantly to reduce pollution of the oceans. One of the goals we undertook when disclosing our position to promote the circular economy specifically addresses this issue. Braskem undertook the commitment to have 100% of its industrial units adopt best practices for controlling pellets (millimeter-wide plastic granules) by 2020. 

Joining Operation Clean Sweep (OCS): This is an international initiative of the plastics industry to reduce the quantity of plastic pellets lost in the environment. By joining the program, Braskem committed to adhere to best practices for pellet control, which are shared among Operation Clean Sweep participants. Learn more:


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