6. Measure and communicate recycling and recovery indicators for plastic packaging materials.

Measuring and publishing recycling and recovery indicators for plastic packaging materials is essential for enabling us to accompany the progress made and to formulate strategies to ensure the expansion of these processes. We believe in this path to ensure that the benefits of plastic are used to improve people’s lives while reducing negative environmental impacts. 

Plastic Transforms Movement: Promoted by the Plastics Chain Competitiveness Incentive Plan (PICPlast), which is organized by Braskem in partnership with the Brazilian Plastics Industry Association (ABIPLAST), the movement prioritizes actions such as expanding plastic recycling in Brazil. One of its actions is mapping the recycling industry in the country, an effort that began in 2015 and is regularly updated. The map has served as the basis for creating a series of actions, such as the "Plastics Recycling” app, which was developed to make it easier for the public to find Voluntary Collection Points to encourage recycling. The Plastics Recycling app is available for download from Apple Store and Google Play. Learn more at:


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