4. Encourage consumers’ engagement for recycling and recovery programs through education to promote the value of plastic waste to the economy.

Mobilizing society in conscientious consumerism and promoting the reuse and proper disposal of plastic are fundamental in the context of the Circular Economy. Only with the support of conscientious consumers can the initiatives proposed by all agents involved (government, companies, NGOs, etc.) succeed. Braskem supports and promotes select initiatives with this objective. 

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Plastic Transforms Movement: Promoted by the Plastics Chain Competitiveness Incentive Plan (PICPlast), organized by Braskem in partnership with the Brazilian Plastics Industry Association (ABIPLAST), its priorities include expanding plastic recycling in Brazil. One of its actions is mapping the recycling industry in the country, an effort that began in 2015 and is regularly updated. The map has served as the basis for creating a series of actions, such as the "Plastics Recycling” app, which was developed to make it easier for the public to find Voluntary Collection Points to encourage recycling. Another initiative focusing on the topic was the launch of the educational game Eckoblocks, which approaches creatively the concept of recycling for children from 6 to 11 years. Both the Plastics Recycling app and the Eckoblocks game are available for download from Apple Store and Google Play. There also was the creation of the Plastics Transform Station, an activity that offers an educational experience on plastic recycling at the KidZania theme park in São Paulo. Through it, children learn firsthand about the importance of conscientious disposal and the potential for reusing plastics. Learn more at:

Philadelphia Eagles: The partnership between Braskem and the U.S. football team Philadelphia Eagles (Super Bowl champions in 2018) is implementing a program for collecting and recycling bottle caps and other plastic materials used in the stadium Lincoln Financial Field and in the team’s training center in Pennsylvania. The initiative seeks to raise the public's awareness on the importance and benefits of recycling. The cooperation between Braskem and the Eagles, which also has made history in promoting sustainability, will last for nine years and includes an educational project targeting public schools in the Philadelphia area. Learn more:

Mural Arts Philadelphia: a partnership between Braskem and Mural Arts Philadelphia, the largest public art program in the United States, will transform plastic materials used every day in the process of creating murals into resins that later will be converted into new plastic products such as buckets, stools and other materials that will be used once again by the artists. The project for recycling plastics in a closed loop aims to demonstrate the benefits of recycling and the importance of acting in a manner consistent with a more sustainable lifestyle. Braskem will be responsible for all collection, transportation and reprocessing of the artistic plastic materials of Mural Arts Philadelphia. Learn more:

Edukatu: since 2013, we have partnered with Edukatu, an e-learning platform on conscientious consumption and sustainability of the Instituto Akatu. Through it, elementary school teachers and students across Brazil can access fundamental information to promote the practice of conscientious consumption in their daily lives. Over five years, more than 100,000 people have participated in Edukatu’s educational programs. Learn more at:


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