3. Develop new technologies, business models and systems for improving the recycling chain and recovering the material.

Braskem is a global company with its eye on the future. What does that mean? That we are closely following the transformations and needs of the world in which we live. We are aware of the benefits and impacts generated by our activities and we constantly seek new ways to make significant contributions to sustainable development while simultaneously staying aligned with our purpose, which is to improve people’s lives through sustainable chemistry and plastics solutions. This journey also involves challenging ourselves to think and act passionately and disruptively. 

Read below some of our ongoing work proposals:

I&T platforms to develop recycling: Innovation and technology are in Braskem’s corporate DNA. To support the development of innovative solutions to promote the Circular Economy, it has two internal platforms: i) one to develop mechanical recycling to improve the properties of recycled resins and the recycling process; and ii) another for chemical recycling to develop technologies for transforming plastic waste into other chemical products. 

Braskem Labs: Generating positive impacts for society and the planet through innovative and sustainable business activities is the focus of the entrepreneurship platform Braskem Labs, which since 2015 has accelerated startups in partnership with specialized players. In all, three types of programs are part of Braskem Labs, which reach entrepreneurs in different development stages and connect startups with Braskem. Learn more: 

Innocentive Platform: This global platform publicly launches challenges to promote the creation of innovative recycling solutions. The program’s first edition, launched in 2018, had the challenge of eliminating odors from recycled resins. Of the 154 projects submitted, 25 proposals advanced to the second phase for analysis. Of those, eight will be chosen for testing. The winning project will be announced by the end of the first semester. 

Reverse Logistics for Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Cups Program: The program, in partnership with Dinâmica Ambiental, seeks to guide and encourage companies to adopt better logistics procedures for the proper destination of plastic cups after their use. The material collected is transported to recycling partners on the Wecycle platform and then transformed into post-consumer resin, which is used to make new products. Since its launch, in July 2018, the program has collected over 2 million cups, generating around 3.6 tons of recovered waste.

Ser+: A Braskem initiative that fosters the development of Brazil's recycling chain and the socioeconomic inclusion of recyclable-material collectors. The program is active in all states where Braskem has operations in the country. Learn more about the program and the results: 

Plastianguis: An initiative supported by Braskem in partnership with the Mexican Chemical Industry Association (ANIQ), in Mexico. It focuses on expanding the knowledge of residents in Nanchital, Veracruz about the value of post-consumer plastic. The program exchanges food staples for plastic waste to foster a culture of recycling and reuse.

Plastien: the goal of the Plastien program, supported by Braskem, is to take plastic waste off the streets of the Mexican city of Nanchital and transform it into income for local families. The initiative promotes recycling and bolsters the local economy. Watch the video to learn more:


Learn more about each commitment undertaken by Braskem by clicking on the logos of the organizations below:

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