1. Work with our clients and value chains to design new products that increase efficiency, recycling and reuse.

In recent years, our initiatives in this topic have intensified, revealing many opportunities to innovate through projects and partnerships that promote the Circular Economy. They include:

Wecycle: The Wecycle Platform is an innovative initiative to support new business activities that promote post-consumer plastic waste and the recycling chain. Through partnerships with clients, recyclers, cooperatives and companies that own consumer goods brands, the platform is supported by four main pillars: technical reliability, social and environmental responsibility, traceability of origin, and destination of products throughout the recycling chain. Products made from recycled materials, which are the fruit of these partnerships, are already available at major chains, such as Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA) and Leroy Merlin. Learn more at:

Maxio®:  The family of resins with the Maxio® seal consists of eco-efficient resins with added benefits, such as lower energy consumption during processing, higher productivity and lower final product weight. These factors minimize the environmental impacts caused by the manufacturing process of countless products in various markets, such as construction, agribusiness, housewares and many other possibilities. Learn more: .

Hexano RC:  Hexano RC is a hydrocarbon solvent developed by Braskem from its polyethylene production (PE). Before being sold, the product undergoes purification and decontamination processes to meet the market’s demands in its various applications, which include in adhesives, thinners, rubber and more. The product further strengthens Braskem’s commitment to the Circular Economy. Learn more at


Learn more about each commitment undertaken by Braskem by clicking on the logos of the organizations below:

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